04 December 2010

...underneath the mistletoe last night....

While driving in the van listening to nonstop Christmas music on WNIC, Karis declared, "Mom, when Santa comes to our house, I want him to kiss you just like the song says."

"Alright, baby, we'll see about that."


Last night, Aaron took the girls to the Holiday Express event at Kayla's school while I ran a women's ministry event at our church. The attendees of the event were allowed to visit with Santa and give him their Wish Lists. The elementary school event. Not my women's event. That would've just been weird.

SANTA: What do you you want for Christmas, little girl?
KARIS: I want you to kiss my mommy.
SANTA: Is your daddy not doing a good enough job?
KARIS: No, he is not.


Work in progress said...

This had me cracking up!! She is a riot! Will this be featured prominently in a sermon? :D It makes me excited (and a little nervous) to see what kind of stories Caedryn gives me. :)

Lois said...

I can still remember when I learned what that song was all about, and as a little kid, I thought I had the biggest secret in the world!! To think that Santa was Daddy!! It's funny how that has stuck with me all these years...