25 January 2011

You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...

Sunday evening I emptied the Hello Kitty backpack that Karis had brought to church only to discover a deck of playing cards swiped from Freedom Christian's Connection Center Cafe'...and a $20 bill.

I immediately showed Karis the money and the following is the exchange that occurred between the two of us:

ME: Do you know where this came from? (holding up the $20 bill)
KARIS: From da Connection Center. And den in my bag.
ME: How did it get in your bag.
KARIS: It was with da cards.
ME: How did it get in your bag with the cards?
KARIS: Sara gave it to me.
ME: Which Sara?
KARIS: My preschool Sara.
ME: Are you sure?
ME: Was it a big girl Sara or a little girl Sara?
KARIS: A big girl Sara.
ME: Miss Brenda's big girl Sara or the other big girl Sara?
KARIS: Yeah.
ME: Well which is it Karis? Preschool Sara? Miss Brenda's Sara? Or the other Sara?
KARIS: All of dem...

I exasperatedly began contacting each of the Saras (or mothers of the Saras) to find out where this money came from. It was a fruitless endeavor as not one of them were accessory to the crime.

I'm beginning to think that maybe some poor unassuming, latte' sipping woman is out 20 bucks because my kleptomaniacal three year old rifled through her purse.

My father-in-law's take on the whole ordeal is that Karis was playing Poker in the Connection Center before church and won the pot...

I'll go with that. It makes me feel better.

And the Connection Center Cafe' is getting a $20 donation. So if the cash was yours, it went to a good cause.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

HAHA!!! Look out for the pastor's kid!!

Lois said...

OK...that's hysterical....just save the $20 for speed the light!!