02 March 2011

And the winner of "The Most Bizarre Experience of the Day Award" goes to...

...Aaron Hlavin, of course.

He arrived home from the office yesterday evening only to grab his gym clothes and then head back out. For whatever reason, he decided to leave the garage door AND the back door of his shiny, black 2009 Equinox open while he ran in to change.

He said his "hellos" and "good-byes" then abruptly rushed out the door.

Approximately 3 minutes later, my phone rang- bringing up his cell phone number on the caller ID. (I'm convinced that it is impossible for the boy to spend any amount of time away from me without calling at least 1-2 times. It's good to know that I'm still as irresistible to him as I was in 1992).

"Yes, dear..." I deadpanned, feigning annoyance, after I pushed the "talk" button on the receiver.

"You are not going to believe what just happened!" he began.

Can I just say that I love when his calls to me begin with that sentence? I eagerly await with great anticipation as each ridiculous story unfolds. And he always delivers.

Yesterday was no exception.

When he realized that he'd left the door to the car open, he simply shut it with no further thought, got into the driver's seat, and then backed out of the garage into the street.

He'd only driven about 20 feet when he began to hear a weird scratching sound coming from the back seat. Without looking in the rear view mirror, he immediately threw the car into "park," jumped out of the vehicle and yanked open the back door.

A squirrel that had been munching on breakfast's leftover banana peel bolted from the car.

Yes. A. Squirrel.

This little piece of craziness delights me on two levels:

1. Just the simple "what-in-the-world?!?!" factor in and of itself is awesome.

2. Who's the "car slob" now, baby? My brand of car slobbery has never attracted local wildlife.


Nina Bunk said...

omg!!!!!!!!!! i am dying!!! that is hilarious and awesome at the same time!

Deanna said...


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

BWAHAHAHA!!!! That is hilarious!! I hope we here this on Sunday. Who's the car slob now?? Awesome!

Netta said...

So funny!
Love your stories!
Happy Thursday.

K.Connell said...

That is absolutely hysterical, Jaime! I am so glad I read your blog. You are a great writer and story teller!!