16 March 2011

EACH March 16 Devotional: Ordinary People Empowered

We are beginning the 40 Day stretch leading up to the official launch of the E.A.C.H. Campaign on Easter Sunday April 24th.

(If you're a part of Freedom Christian, you can get E.A.C.H. updates via Facebook.)

33:3 is a devotional preparing people for this launch. Today's scripture is taken from the book of Acts - 1:8 and 4:13, to be exact.

The part that really speaks to me is, "for they could see that they were ordinary men who had no special training. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus."

My prayer today is that people would recognize me as someone who has been with Jesus - the Jesus of the Bible. Not a Jesus I've made in MY image.

1 John 4:17-19 sums it up perfectly.

If we are to be like Jesus in this world we are to love perfectly without fear. Forget, "we"! I'm making this about me! I want to love and live without fear (this ties into our Esther Bible Study from yesterday!) Free from the fear of others opinions. Free from the fear of change. Free from the fear of living outside of what is comfortable for me. Free from the fear of desiring to control every aspect of my life in an effort to manage external chaos.

Wow. Only 39 more days to get my beat into shape!

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K.Connell said...

I agree with you, Jaime. Now when I see the word courage in the Bible, it is capturing my attention all the more. God has been working in me in a great measure layely, and I am so excited yet at times, overwhelmed. This morning Patrick(from his room) and I listened to P.Aaron's sermon from this past Sunday on the podcast and I literally cried my eyes out during half of it. God was doing something profound inside of me.