26 April 2011


Outside my window...rain and dead/dying worms. These worms are the bane of my existence. My frilly, froofy, girly-girls tiptoe across the pavement, dodging the worms as if they were rattlesnakes or scorpions. And if one of the worms gets too close -heaven help us all. The crying and screaming that happens is simply unreal.

I am thinking...bad thoughts about worms, obviously.

I am thankful for... friends that make me laugh.

From the kitchen... Easter candy has locked its tractor beam on me. Must. Resist. Magnetic. Pull. Ugh. Resistance is futile. I will be assimilated. The line will be drawn HERE!! (I hope you read that in Jean Luc Picard's voice.)

I am wearing...fleece pants and a hoodie. Oh the visual is stunning - I know.

I am creating...horrible visuals for my readership of me in fleece pants and a hoodie. I apologize.

I am going... to take the girls to get professional portraits done this afternoon for the first time since Christmas 2009. I am an unfit mother.

I am reading...nothing right now. I promised Aaron I'd take a break from reading since a couple weeks ago I borrowed a certain saga from a friend and spent every waking moment for four straight days buried in the pages of the books. He was very lonely.

I am hoping...that my children smile nicely this afternoon. Sometimes they don't. And it makes me crazy.

I am hearing...silence. And it makes me nervous. Its never a good thing when Karis is quiet for too long.

Around the house...are a few cluttery piles of stuff. And that makes me feel claustrophobic.

One of my favorite things ... listening to Karis play by herself. The "conversations" her toys have are absolutely amazing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Life Group, hanging out with my Dad The World Traveler, Girls' Overnighter, Henry Ford Musem.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

I found this in my basement the other day. I call it "Ankylosaurus and Triceratops Having A Spot Of Tea."

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Jen@Scrapingirl said...

"A certain saga" It is addicting, isn't it?? I'm requesting a few of them for Mother's day. :)