19 April 2011

Please excuse me while I empty the contents of my brain onto this blank page....


My mind is so fragmented right now. I have a whole bunch of action items on my "to do" list fighting with 8,000 varying emotions.

Warning: Stream of consciousness writing ahead.

I hate having to get bloodwork done but I have to every year because my mother died from blood cancer my kids haven't had professional portraits taken since Christmas of 2009 we're all in need of dentist appointments Bible Study was terrific today Beth Moore is such a book nerd and I love it oh yeah I still need to summarize our Life Group stuff from last week and email it out and I need to reschedule that Women's Ministry meeting I wonder if she'll come on Sunday what is that weird smell I really don't want to go get that certain test that women of my age are recommended to have done oh I didn't clean up that spider carcass from yesterday's slaughter did I seriously just almost forget how to spell carcass I really should figure out how to fully use that online database tool I am so sad and angry and disappointed by what he told me earlier I don't know what I'll do when Karis stops taking naps I'm really disappointed in myself right now I thought parenting would get easier as they got older my in laws are awesome I hope my dad is having a good time overseas what is this weird pressure over my left eye I hope its not a tumor I worry about cancer a lot God is doing good things in and through our church there's just so much more to do Lord may we always be your obedient and willing vessels forgive me for self consumption I can't wait to eat Pei Wei with a friend I haven't hung out with in a while tonight I need to get together with that new friend soon help me be a better more patient mom ugh why did I read that really sad blog when I'm having such an emotional day I'm so excited for my other friend

And if you decided to skip all that because it frightened you too much, here's something lighter:

I love when people - myself included- mess up song lyrics.

Many people think that the first line of The Beach Boys Help Me Rhonda is: "Well, since she put me down, there've been owls pukin' in my bed..."

That makes me laugh. I totally picture it.

My brother makes me laugh with Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl opening up with "Hey weird amigo....days when the rains came."

When I was a kid, my dad used to play AC/DC's Dirty Deeds on the stereo turntable in our living room.

I thought they were saying "Dirty deeds in the dunder jeep."

I always envisioned a couple of guys driving around in a jeep (maybe "dunder" was a color or style or make or model? Who knew? I was only 6) doing all manner of unspeakable acts - graffiti, mugging old ladies, utilizing the concrete shoes, cyanide or TNT that they referenced at the end of the song.

I don't know.

That's all.

I guess I'll get started on my "to do" list. Now that I wasted precious minutes that you'll never get back.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Whoa, Nelly!!! I'm trying to wrap my head around all that. Yikes!!! You sure do have a lot on your plate. No wonder I haven't been able to go out with you!! :)

Sheryl said...

LOL! (There's nothing more to say... :-D)