07 April 2011

Today, I like my name...

The spelling of my name has caused me much grief for as long as I can remember.

As you may or may not know, in 1976, while glancing through the TV Guide, my mother saw the spelling of the Bionic Woman's name and really liked it. I was born in August of that same year.

My name is Jaime. J-A-I-M-E.

Not J-A-M-I-E, like everyone else.

And that is where the grief comes in.

When my mother enrolled me in Kindergarten, the school secretary told her that I was going to have trouble with the spelling of my name for a long time. She was right.

In first grade, my weird teacher told me that my name was spelled the same way as the French contraction for "I love" - j'aime. Kind of cool.

In high school Spanish, I learned that my name is basically "James" in espanol. And since then, I've had many Spanish speaking people call me Jaime (pronounced "hi-may" with the deep throaty "h" sound) upon reading my name. Not so cool.

Very rarely does anyone spell it "correctly." And just when I thought I had Freedom Christian trained my way, we went and hired a staff member with the alternate spelling and thus undid all my hard work.

My closest friends and loved ones call me "Jaim." They just drop the "e" altogether. And today, I realized that it's so much easier to write "Jaim" with my particular spelling and still get the meaning across! I often try to do that with a dear friend of mine who has the same name/alternate spelling and I always delete it because it looks like I'm calling her "Jam."

How awesome is it to be Jaime today!


Sheryl said...

I feel your pain. I've spent my whole life telling people it's "Sheryl with an "S", not a "C".

I'm never quick enough though, so I wish I had a nickel for every form that has my name on it with a scribbled out C...

Have a good day, "Jaim"! :-)

Netta said...

Love it!

I'm with ya in regards to a challenging name to spell. Since I actually pronounce my name, "Nedda" it's confusing that there are two "T"s in it.

But... upon moving to Detroit/Hamtramck I discovered that Netta means "Morning dew" in Arabic (or so I've told).
Also NETTA is a common name among African American woman.
Little did my parents realize that they were naming me something that was so multi-cultural and would be so perfect for me all these years later. (Well, not THAT many years after my birth! hee hee)
Love ya!

Work in progress said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have mastered the spelling of your name. In pretty short order of knowing you, I might add. :) Your last name, however... I can spell it without a problem, but saying it...I must be very measured and deliberate when doing so. No saying it fast here. :O I actually have a short way of saying it when I am referring to you guys in conversations with Chad. He keeps warning me that one day I will most assuredly, accidentally, say it in front of you. I told him it is my sincere hope that if I do, the fact that it is well established that I have sarcastic, irreverent humor (and the fact that you both seem to as well) will cover my sinful multitude.

And on the subject of names, my mother named me after the stupid song, "Hey, Hey, Paula," by Paul and Paula. Yep, Paul and Paula. My mother continually told me how cool it would be if I married a Paul. Yeah...not so much... Picture my "non-poker" face every time the mother of a guy I was dating asked me if I knew of that "awesome" song, and then proceeded to sing it. If you are unfamiliar with the song, look it up. It's a beaut! (And it may more than make up for "Private Eyes!" :O

P.S. I have very much abused the ellipsis in this post.