23 May 2011


Outside my window...the ginormously fat robin that frequents my yard is snatching up worms after the rain.

I am thinking...about the disturbing incident that transpired earlier today (and praying for the child's safety). Karis and I were taking a stroll (her on her Big Wheel and me on foot). A beautiful little girl about 4 years old with gorgeous black curly hair and stunning blue eyes, wearing only a bathing suit, came running toward us. She asked if we were taking a walk around the block and if she could join us. I asked where she lived and she pointed to a house WAAAYYY up the block. I informed her - in a very matter-of-fact, stern voice - that it probably wasn't a good idea for her to join us because I was a stranger and little girls her age really shouldn't be talking to strangers. (Have I ever told you that I'm not a little-kid-person?) She looked at me like I was crazy and kept on chatting happily with us. When we finally reached her house, I heard a man's voice calling her name. He came out of the house, yelled at her and then sent her in the back yard. ...And the parent of the year award goes to...definitely not THAT dude. And then I had to have a stranger talk with my 3 year old.

I am thankful for... SPF 50.

From the kitchen...I don't want to talk about the kitchen because I'm obsessing over the ants I saw there last night that I'm currently in the process of baiting and killing. Thank you, Raid for making these awesome little devices.

I am wearing...shorts and a T-shirt.

I am creating...a whole lotta nothin'.

I am going...to pick Kayla up from school later. Maybe head to a park. Have dinner. Let the kids eat freezer pops.

I am reading... Outliers. And its REALLY good. But every time I look at the cover I want to yell "Outlander!" like Malachai from Children of the Corn, even though I know it says "outlier" not "outlander."

I am hoping...that the leftover coffee from this morning that I put in the refrigerator is adequately chilled for my mid-afternoon caffeine fix. Iced coffee.

I am hearing...my customized station on Pandora radio.

Around the house...tidiness that I am hoping will stay for a few hours.

One of my favorite things...the recent introduction of mid-afternoon iced coffee into my daily routine.

A few plans for the rest of the week: chaperoning the first grade zoo field trip (did I mention how much I love little kids?), a couple of meetings, Life Group, return some library books, PK Retreat...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

Karis is about 3 months old in this picture. This is SO Karis. She's the happiest child in the world...until she's not. That pretty much sums her up.


Lois said...

"iced coffee"....just the sound of that makes me relax!! Had my first one yesterday! Lots of ice!

Genevieve said...

You had to mention PK retreat...for the first time in years I was not even remembering this weekend would have been PK retreat...


Have fun for me, it was one of my most favorite weekends of the year and I miss it.

Enjoy your iced coffee, I tried that once and it didn't go so well. So I fake it at starbucks with a double chocolate frap. Yay for enjoying the suburban gluttony known as Starbucks, not saying you do, but me...