31 August 2011

Seeing little pieces of us in them....

Once in a great while, parenthood boosts our egos. (But for the most part, parenthood is an exercise in constant prayer, "Oh, Lord, please don't let me mess this up too badly." But that isn't what this post is about).

Other than the glaringly obvious physical traits, I am at times delighted by certain aspects of our children's personalities that mirror ours:

KAYLA: Hey guys, did you know that Flynn Rider's real name is Eugene Fitzherbert?"

JAIME: (smiling proudly because I, too, have a knack for remembering obscure characters, names and bits of trivia from TV and movies) That's my girl!

KARIS: Yeah!! His name is Blue Jean Fitzper!

AARON: (smiling proudly because he, too, has a knack for never remembering ANY obscure characters, names and bits of trivia from TV or movies - and therefore SLAUGHTERING said characters, names and bits of trivia) And that's my girl.


Carolynne said...

hahaha this is great! Reminded me of your "Lenny" story.

Sheryl said...

LOL! :-D