11 November 2011

Now that wasn't so bad, now was it...

I took Karis to her 4 year "well check-up" on Thursday.

The exam part went VERY well. And for that, we took a trip to fiVe BeLow and got ourselves a nifty Buzz Lightyear Space Shooter Target game for only $5.

However, there's the part where the nurse came back in to administer the immunizations after the doctor left. Let's just say that an extra nurse was required to pin down the lower half of her body while I restrained her flailing torso. The angry shrieking that occurred was so awful that all I could do was giggle nervously until it was over. At that point in time, Boo Boo collapsed into my arms and declared, "You're mean! I'm so mad at you!"

And I was okay with that. She felt utterly betrayed. I get it. She remained mad at me for nearly two hours before she finally forgave me. "Mommy...I'm not mad at you any more. I love you again."

But she did great in the hours there after. Barely any soreness. No fever. And she seems to be fairly unscathed psychologically.

Until next time, I've dodged The Worst Mother of the Year Award.

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