08 February 2012

Now, if I could just manage our morning schedule so that they eat breakfast at the table instead of frantically in the van on the way to school...

I am a lemming. And for this reason, I've recently joined the Pinterest community. (I just "wikipedia'd" lemming - and it turns out that the whole running-off-the-cliff-in-a-mass thing is a misconception. Who knew? But the metaphor works so I'll leave it.)

I've been "pinning" like crazy but haven't actually done anything with the things I've pinned - except for a really cute hairstyle that my daughter wore last Sunday).

That all ended yesterday. I actually made something that I pinned. Voila!

Breakfast Boards

The idea is to slide all of kinds of "need-to-know" information into the pockets on these boards (i.e. spelling lists, schedules, etc.) and then plop them down in front of the kids while they veg out during breakfast. Kayla tends to read whatever is within close proximity while sitting at the table munching her Cheerios. So why not have useful information available for the reading?

I used a large piece of foam core board (divide into 3 10 inch sections and then use an exacto blade to cut through the back poster board and the foam core - leaving the front part of the board to fold), plastic sheet protectors (slide the new information into the protectors at the beginning of each week) and various scrapbook supplies (paper, Cricut, ribbons and embellishments).

Karis is a young 4 year old with a very late Fall birthday, so we chose to not put her in preschool this year. Therefore, 2-3 days a week, I work at home with her on a variety of preschool skills so that she's not a 6'4" preschooler that doesn't even know the Alphabet Song. Her board includes her weekly schedule, church memory verse, the letter/number of the week we're working on. Here are a few shots of her board:

Kayla's board includes her weekly spelling list, church memory verse, schedule, simple addition facts that she needs to memorize (she's a finger counter like her mom - at 35, it's humiliating...so I'm pushing her to memorize!), and books of the Bible. Here it is:

I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Pinterest. And maybe incentive to get everybody moving fast enough in the morning to actually utilize them. (sigh) In my head, I'm a really great mom.

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