09 February 2012

We survived the dentist.

I am a realist. In effect, I keep it real. :)

Whenever I say that, I think of this clip from 1995's Alicia Silverstone classic, Clueless:

I digress. By "realist," I actually mean "pessimist." I generally anticipate the worst case scenario. And when it doesn't happen, I'm pleasantly surprised. This is how I avoid disappointment in my life. (Please know that I'm kidding. Self-deprecative writing is kind of my "schtick.")

Anyway, this really isn't the topic of today's post.

The topic is....drum roll please: Karis was so awesome at her very first dentist appointment today! I was fully prepared for a full blown migraine because my expectations included wailing and gnashing of teeth (from me) and the shaking of the foundations of the earth (by her). I do, indeed, have many historical precedents for these types of expectations. Many.

Needless to say, "pleasantly surprised" is the understatement of the week. I am amazingly proud of her! She was a total rock star complete with 100% compliance and terrific behavior!

Yay! fiVeBELoW for everyone! (Kayla: For her good report card. Karis: For sparing the life of the dental hygienist.

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