25 April 2012

I did awesome...er...I mean...KAYLA did awesome on her Flat Stanley project...

Each of the members of Mrs. DuPont's 2nd Grade class must take a turn bringing Flat Stanley home for a week of adventures. The students are to take pictures of or draw said adventures and write about them.
We had the joy of bringing Flat Stanley into our home over Spring Break. Here is a photo of her evaluation of the project.

This is what Stanley looked like under normal circumstances (Stanley is the paper one. The baby is my adorable nephew, Levi. The beautiful girl is Kayla).

Now, before  you look at the next photos, I have a disclaimer. Aw, heck. Who am I kidding? I have no disclaimer. I love this kind of stuff. Kayla and I have a blast working on her school projects. We made clothes for Stanley! I have TONS of scrapbook paper so we used it to make awesome outfits. Just like paper doll clothes - with fold over tabs to keep the garments on.

This is Stanley's Easter Outfit.

We took a lovely family photo with him in the foyer of Freedom.

And here's Stanley at the Girls' All Nighter at church. He's wearing lovely Superman pajamas.

And then, Stanely attended my other nephew, Dylan's, 5th birthday party at the Macomb Township Community Center Pool. 

Yep, those are floaties and swim trunks.

It's probably a good thing that I've recently started working outside of the home again.


Christina Johnson said...

So awesome! My daughter had to send her flat Stanely to somebody in Mi. They had to take pictures and talk about what is like where they live. My sister, host for Stan, will probably guest blog about it for me. LOL!

Lois said...

I LOVE Flat Stanley!! I got to host Flat Stanley all the way from Phoenix for Mackenzie (mom is Monica, Gramma is Connie....). I showed him Orlando...I took him to the beach in Fort Myers...we went shelling in Sanibel....we went to Downtown Disney and I introduced him to Mickey, and the Lego version of Buzz L and Woody. We had a great time!!