04 June 2012

Conversations that college doesn't prepare you for:

KARIS: So, you said that mammals have fur or hair and carry their babies in their tummies, right?

ME: Well, there are some exceptions, but generally this is the rule of thumb.

KARIS: Then Elmo and the monsters on Sesame Street are mammals!! (obviously delighted with her deduction skills)

ME: Um...no. The monsters on Sesame Street are not mammals. They are not real.

KARIS: But you said that mammals have fur!!!

ME: The monsters are puppets, Karis. They aren't real.

KARIS: NO! THEY ARE NOT PUPPETS!!!! Don't you remember at da Fox Feater (theater) that they were walkin' around?! Clearly, THOSE were not puppets. They are mammals! You are makin' me so mad, Mom!

There's not enough coffee in the world to help me finish this conversation...

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4 Smith's said...

And this makes me smile and glad to say that I wear the same hair as a 4 year old :)

- Bethany ;)