08 August 2012

Seriously questioning my femininity...

Last Friday, my husband decided to surprise me by painting the laundry room while I was at work. He even selected the paint color based on how I had decorated the rest of the room.

But of course, I had to go and sign, notarize and laminate my Honorary Man Card by NOT NOTICING!!!

Yep. I opened the door, walked in, dumped a dirty towel in the hamper, walked out and closed the door without ever noticing the TEAL WALLS!!!

(The lights were off…but still – how does one not see teal??)

And yet again, I devastated the one I love with my lack of “observantness” and insensitivity.

Here are some pictures so that you, too, may gape in astonishment at my oblivion:

1 comment:

Netta said...

OH... The color is awesome! He did such a sweet thing... and i'm sure you've hugged him a zillion times (once you DID notice! hee hee)