16 August 2012

"V" as in "Vermin..."

(I named the post "V" as in "Vermin" because that's how I spell out my name when giving it over the phone.  "H-L-A-V -- as in 'Vermin'--  I - N." Nope, not V as in "Victor," like most people...but "Vermin." Already on a tangent and I haven't even really begun to write. And I feel like I gratuitously used quotation marks in those few sentences.)


I've recently been made aware of a rat situation in particular cities due to "dry weather and sewer construction."

According to an article I read, the Mayor of one of the cities allocated funds to address the "influx of street-level vermin -- drawn from subterranean lairs by dry weather that decreased the amount of food in the sewer system..." -- as rat infestations are not only gross but can dangerously spread disease.

I've had personal experience with this "invasion" (as the article stated) when visiting someone who lives in one of the cities dealing with the problem.

While in this person's backyard, I watched in astonishment as a large, brown rat slowly crawled under a bush. In utter shock and disbelief, I informed the homeowner of what I'd just witnessed. The homeowner informed me that it was probably moving so slowly because it had either:
a) eaten the poison the homeowner had baited the yard with
b) was the injured escapee of a Victor Rat Trap incident (the homeowner showed me the sprung trap complete with blood-spatter against the garage.)

The homeowner then informed me that had my children not been present, said homeowner would've proceeded to beat the rat to death with a baseball bat. Yes, feel free to laugh uncomfortably. I still do at the thought of it.

All of this Rat Mania got me thinking about our spiritual conditions (of course, AFTER I thought, "Does this stuff ever happen to other people? Or just me? I gotta believe I'm not the only one...")

There are times where we allow drought to overtake our lives. By drought, I mean neglecting the daily cultivating of our relationship with Jesus thus resulting in perceived distance and "spiritual blah-ness."

It's during those times that insidious ugliness creeps in. Things that aren't normally part of our lives when we're walking with, talking to, and spending time with Jesus.

Impatience. Unkindness. Bad attitude. Criticalness. Lack of self-control. Unhealthy thought life. The list of rats could go on and on.

I want to intentionally keep my life filled with the Living Water.

I am praying today that we would beat those rats to death with a baseball bat and then pray for rain!

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Nina Bunk said...

I loved this and so needed this!!!