25 November 2012

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

·       Microwave 3 bags of your favorite popcorn. 
·       Pour popcorn into a bowl and take out unpopped kernels
·       Pour into a brown grocery paper bag
·       Slowly pour 1 pound melted chocolate into bag. 
·       Shake bag immediately to evenly coat popcorn.
·       Pour popcorn onto parchment paper and spread out to separate pieces.
·       Repeat recipe with different colors. 
When you are all done you can combine the colors for a festive snack.   Of course there’s Red and Green for Christmas, Red and Pink for Valentine’s Day, Pastels for Easter, and School Colors for the Graduation season.
Store in gallon size zip lock bags.  Will stay fresh for several weeks.
·       For  1 lb. of chocolate, microwave for 30 seconds on Med/High:  STIR FOR ONE MINUTE
·       Continue microwaving (30 seconds) and stirring (1 minute) intervals until the chocolate is fully melted
·       When melted in microwave, the chocolate will retain their wafer shape until stirred.

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