16 November 2012

I kind of thought that when my kids reached the ages of 8 and 5, I'd be able to sleep through the night again...

A list of reasons for being awakened by my offspring between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. during the past two weeks:

1. The sleeping bag that she recently began sleeping in (on top of her blankets) fell off the bed - with her in it.

2. A bloody nose. (The child is no stranger to bloody noses and is skilled in the art of stopping the flow. Did the child go directly into her bathroom to perform this skill? No. She travelled across two extra rooms- rooms with very light colored carpet, mind you-with her hand cupped under her nose, to stand at the side of my bed and loudly whisper, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom..." until I awakened with a violent start.)

3. A "weird noise" scared her.

4. A bad dream about being eaten by Chewbacca scared her. (This is my personal favorite. Apparently, the idea of a Wookiee gnawing on one's back is unnerving to a five year old. Awesome.)

5. Her room was too dark and it scared her. (She also uses a sleep mask at night, so how she even knew that the room was too dark is completely beyond me. Yes, you read that correctly. My 8 year old uses a sleep mask.)

6. She had to use the bathroom and decided to use mine (which is three feet from my side of the bed) instead of hers - complete with turning on the light full blast and blinding me.

7. She was convinced there was a dingo in her closet. I blame the fact that she saw this the other day when I posted it to Facebook. I had to explain to her that even if there had been a dingo in her closet, she would have been perfectly safe because she is, in fact, not a baby.

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