01 November 2012

Today's post is brought to you by the letter K and the number 5...

Dear Karis,

At 9:05 a.m. this morning, you began your 5th year of life outside of the warmth of the womb. And, unlike the day that you entered that cold, bright, stark reality, today you were in a wonderfully delightful mood! (The fact that you screamed your head off for three days straight from the moment you were born amuses you greatly. I love that you think that's so funny, because so do I...now.)

Well, this year has been the craziest year of our life. Since I post these letters on the internet, I won't bore everyone with the details of why it was so crazy since everyone is busy and no one really cares to hear others complain about "busyness." So, ask me some day and I'll tell you all about it.

But, in the midst of the busiest season in our family history you remained unaware of such and that was refreshing. The biggest thing that affected you was the start of preschool!

Deciding what to do regarding school for you was such a difficult decision to make because you have a "late birthday." Technically, you could have started Kindergarten this year (since Michigan's cut off is December 1st). But after hours and hours of conversations, weighing pros and cons, obtaining advice from others who had walked this path and, most of all, prayer - we decided that preschool would be the best option for our Boo Bear.


Incidentally, the start of this particular paragraph comes after a 4 hour break in writing during which I had a wonderful conversation with your teacher, Mrs. Sharon (the result of an apology e-mail I sent her because I was late picking you up from school on Halloween due to the INSANITY of the parking lot which caused me to break some serious elementary school parking lot rules - much to my chagrin).

Anyway, the conversation took a turn toward your preschool progress. I explained to her why we chose to place you in preschool this year rather than Kindergarten and how that was a tough decision for us. She immediately began to gush and gush about what a delightful child you are, how you are such a leader in the classroom, that you're a positive example to your classmates and how glad she is that we chose to put you in preschool because that meant that she got a chance to have you in her life.

I'm emotional as I type this because for as much as I say I believe we did the right thing by "holding you back a year," there are moments where doubt creeps in - like when I realize that there are children who are only 3 years old in your class and like when I see how much you tower over the rest of your classmates (well, I think that would be the case regardless - having a 6'3" father and a 5'8" mother stacked the deck against you in that area). But that conversation with your teacher today encouraged me and made me so much more incredibly proud of you than I already was - if that was even possible.

Over the years, I wondered what your strong will (or "spiritedness," as our wonderful pediatrician puts it) would look like long term. I had always hoped that it would result in words like "leader" and "positive." I feel so blessed that we are beginning to see that and others recognize it as well.

Child, you continue to light up our lives...and pretty much every life that has the privilege to cross paths with you.

We love you so much...now I'm wrapping this up so I can go get some more birthday snuggles that you keep sharing with me.


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