17 December 2012

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes...

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Apparently, the time of year where I start writing again. Wow. Sorry about that. Anyway. Here I am again...just in time for Christmas with my annual post.

Each year I evaluate products I've tried in the past 365 day and then post a few of my favorite things from the bunch!

So, here we go!

After spending the better part of Autumn fighting my whiter shade of pale with various bronzing products -- all of which made my skin look like Real-Housewife-of-New-Jersey-Teresa-in-the-Season-4 Reunion-Episode (you know you're dying to Google it) -- I received a little free sample of this delightful pixie dust. It's called Bare Minerals Clear Radiance . It brightens my very fair tone with just enough "peaches and cream" so that I am no longer mistaken for a cast member of The Walking Dead. 

After my free sample ran out, I began purchasing the product at Ulta, which brings me to my second favorite thing of 2012. Ulta Beauty. I think my husband hates that we live walking distance from one. I love this place. That is all.

I had always told myself that I was too young to like Mary Kay products. Because I am. I always will be.

That is until I discovered that a very cool friend of mine -- more than a decade my junior -- was a consultant. I tried the Mary Kay TimeWise Collection and I am in love. And I am old. My favorites are the 3-in-1 Cleanser and the Age Fighting Moisturizer both for Normal/Dry skin.

Last summer, the boy in the apron that works at the local Bath and Body Works store (both of my children made a concerted effort to point out to me that he was, in fact, wearing an apron) talked me into buying a little bottle of Cashmere Glow lotion. Remember last year's Twilight Woods description? Yeah, it's a lot like that but only with "shimmering vanilla and golden peach wrapped in the softest cashmere musk." I want to know how much those people get paid to write that stuff. But as ridiculous as I think it is, I fell for it. And I love Cashmere Glow.

Okay, enough with beauty stuff. Here are the day-to-day helpers with which I fell head over heels in 2012.

We recently moved into a house containing multiple types of surfaces (contrasted with our previous home in which most of the surfaces most likely consisted of lead and asbestos). I discover Windex Multi-Surface with Vinegar. This stuff is amazing! It cleans everything without streaking and leaves a pure, nice smelling clean. And it doesn't make my husband dry heave like the smell of straight up vinegar does. :)

Also, these multiple types of surfaces in my home are nice surfaces. Surfaces that need to be protected from the younger, more destructive members of the household. Enter the IKEA PROJS Desk pad. And don't ever leave.
And to keep the new house smelling lovely, I've taken to using the Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer in the Vanilla Passion scent.

But it's not all beauty products and household maintenance stuff. We do enjoy a good Duck Tape project over here, as well! Who doesn't?

So, here's to a blessed and safe Christmas for you and your loved ones!