02 January 2013

Project 30: Day #1

During the month of January each year, Freedom Christian participates in Project 30 which is a time of prayer and fasting for our church family and community.

Choose any type of fast that you feel God leading you to do. Then focus your prayer in the following ways (detailed prayer guides are available at the church):

Personal Cleansing - for increased vision and purpose in your own life.

Freedom Christian - for church leadership.

The Harvest - for God to bring those who do not yet know Him into our lives; continued influence in our community.

Church Family Needs - for finances, jobs, physical and spiritual health.

Youth and Children of Freedom - salvation and authentic relationships with God.

Aaron and I are fasting in particular ways with focus on each of the areas listed above. We are praying for you during this time as well - that God would show up in ways that you don't expect, for blessings in your lives, for renewed sense of personal and corporate purpose, for your families...

Please be diligent during this time as we are expecting great things as we gather together on January 25th and 26th for the culmination of this time at the 24 Hour Prayer Flood. I will be writing several times a week as I feel led. Hoping this time is encouraging and challenging for each of you!

Be blessed!

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