04 February 2013

Fresh Perspective

As I make my way through the Bible in 2013 for the umpteenth time, I often find myself skimming quickly over familiar passages just so I can click the box in my YouVersion Bible Reading Plan. And I hate that.

I am, in fact, well acquainted with a particularly handsome pastor who has been known to say that, after a while, Christians tend to read the Bible with the end in mind. We know how the story ends so we tend to miss the drama, the raw emotion, the timeless truths.

In his Sunday messages, this particular pastor unravels the stories in the Bible in a captivating way that sheds brand new light on narratives I have heard a hundred times. I am mesmerized each week as the Bible comes alive. Each week I would leave church wondering how I could make the Bible come alive like that between Sundays?

Project 30 produced a lovely result - aside from reignited zeal for those who don't yet know Jesus and renewed sense of purpose and vision - an unexpected side effect if you will.

I find myself asking new questions about the people in the stories, finding the deeper emotion in each situation and placing myself into the scenarios. The answers to my own questions drive me to dig deeper into stories - to find more out about the people, the places and events that make up each portion of scripture.

My prayer is that we would all find a new found love for the Word of God and that He would reveal deep truth to our hearts on a daily basis.

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