08 April 2013

Ah...to be five....

Today, Karis was "Special Helper" at preschool.

In the preschool world, "Special Helper" is just a fancy term for the kid whose parent has to shell out cash to feed 20 children a wholesome, peanut-free, gluten free, lactose-free, sugar-free snack that each and every child will enjoy. (I am kidding...a little bit...)

And then the kid gets to "help" by waiting on the rest of the class hand-and-foot with special "jobs" created just for the Special Helper (i.e. pouring each child their juice, cleaning up after snack, etc.)

Oh, yeah. They also get to bring in a little something for Show & Tell. The child is instructed to hide his or her item in a bag with a piece of paper attached detailing three clues about the item inside.

Last night, we began preparing for her big day. The discussion about which toy she wanted to bring lasted for quite some time, per usual.
(Isn't she the cutest?)

In her first go around as Special Helper, she chose Buzz Lightyear. Understandably so because this guy is awesome. His wings pop out. His laser makes cool sounds. And he talks.

Right after Christmas, she was Special Helper again. She chose her interactive Hallmark dog, Jingle. It responds to various lines in a particular book that you read to it. Very cute.

So this time (yes, this is the THIRD time we've been chosen for this privilege), I began down the list. Maybe her Fijit Friend?


Or her Nintendo DS?


(As I'm writing this, I realize this entire pictorial post is making my child look spoiled rotten. So I'd like to disclaim. Every gift, except the Nintendo DS, was given to her by a grandparent for a birthday or Christmas. The DS was her big Christmas gift last year from us.)

Finally, of her own volition, she chose the plastic Ninjas she purchased with her Bible Bucks at FreedomKids Sky Mall yesterday. 

And the three hints she came up with all on her own?

1. They fight bad guys.
2. They are sneaky.
3. They wear masks.

Way to go, FreedomKids! Your SkyMall items are show-and-tell-worthy in this household! Just thought Pastor Larry would like to know.

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