04 November 2013

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens...

As I sit here hashing out the details of an event with the same name, I feel it's time to do my annual post of A Few of My Favorite Things! Who cares if it's only four days after Halloween? Radio stations are already playing Christmas music so why can't I kick off the season?

I will begin with the least expensive of my discoveries of 2013: Maybelline's The Falsies mascara. I have been struggling for years to find something that will consistently make my sparse eyelashes somewhat visible and appealing. Thank you Maybelline! I now look like a supermodel for under $10!

If you know me in real life, you know I have curly hair. Heck, if you know me via the internet, you know I have curly hair because I complain incessantly about it. Well, Suave has helped me finally find an inexpensive way to manage the 'fro. Keratin infused products are the way to go!

I am fully aware of the fact that I totally got sucked in by the marketing on this one. But I love Windex Touch Up. I love it for my girls' bathroom. I just leave it on their counter for them to easily clean up their messes with a tissue and a few pumps of this. I also love the fact that my husband mistook it for hand soap and then proceeded to complained about the awful soap I bought. 

Two words: Garden. Ridge. I am in love with this store for so many reasons: seasonal decor, throw pillows, rugs, baskets, pictures, tables...the list could go on infinitely. Having moved into a new home within the past year and a half, this store has been my go to for most of our decor.

I'll combine a few for this section: My Teavana custom blend (Peach Bellini Blush and White Ayurvedic Chai) within Mr. Tea steeping in my Pier 1 mug. Look how happy I look! Need I say more? 

And for the most expensive item on my list of my favorite things of 2013, my new Allure Transitional Shades for my doorwall. These shades are an awesome combination of roller shades and horizontal blinds. They are super cute and super easy to keep clean!  These are actual pictures of my doorwall.

I pray that as the Holiday Season kicks off you make time for the things that truly matter! Be blessed and enjoy!

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