02 November 2013

My baby turned 6 yesterday...

Dear Karis,

Again, I am a day late with your birthday letter. Planning a C-section for the day after Halloween may have been a lack of foresight on my part. But it was either that or bring a 400 lb. baby into the world if I waited for you to arrive on your own. You were a very big girl.

Today, as we were driving back from lunch, your sister and I were discussing the difference between homonyms, homophones, homographs and heteronyms. After the conversation had gone on for some time, and your father was clearly annoyed, you declared, "I don't care about any of this because you're not talkin' about me! I'm just trying make this hat (a free firefighter's hat you received at the restaurant) into a rapper hat!" to which your dad was absolutely thrilled.

That pretty much sums you up. No matter what is going on around you, the beat of your own drum directs your footsteps. We love that about you.

You've been 6 for a day now and I'm still having a hard time believing it. As I sit here and contemplate this last year of your life, I can't help but be impressed with your positivity, zest for life and ability to ride out the storms with a smile and a belly laugh.

You started kindergarten this year -- a year later than you "should" have. But each and every day I am more convinced that this was the best parenting decision we've made for you thus far. It makes me so happy to see how proud you are of the things you are accomplishing. I am watching you learn to read, and even more amazingly (probably because it's always been a subject I've struggled with), I'm watching your math skills start to develop and unfold so easily for you.

You are a wellspring of deep emotion that always keeps us on our toes. We never wonder what you are thinking with opinions that are strong. There is a depth to your tenacity. And you possess a gift for making those you love feel like a million bucks -- a trait you inherited from your daddy.

Happy Birthday, Boo Boo. You make my heart smile.



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