21 January 2014

Star Wars...wonderful Star Wars...

I am a Gen Xer. I was born the year before  Star Wars: A New Hope was released (notice how I refuse to refer to it as Episode IV?); a bicentennial baby.

And as a Gen Xer, I like Star Wars. A lot. My text tone is Chewbacca’s roar. My ringtone for when my husband calls is Lando Calrissian’s voice saying “Hello…what have we here?” (ya know…the scene where he meets Princess Leia for the first time?)

The year that my family got cable TV (that’s what we called it back then “cable TV” – always had to say both), Star Wars: A New Hope seemed to be on 24 hour rotation on HBO. We watched it a countless number of times.

When I was in first grade, in 1982, I played “Star Wars” on the playground at recess with a boy I had a crush on. He was Luke. I was Leia. This was a few years before the startling revelation that they were actually brother and sister. (I remember coming back to school after the summer that  Return of the Jedi was released and struggling to make eye contact with him.)

My parents took us to see both The Empire Strikes Back (although, I covered my eyes through the entire movie beginning with the scene where Han Solo slices open the Tauntaun to save Luke’s life) and Return of the Jedi when they opened at movie theaters. We had all the action figures and play sets. And my brother was Chewbacca for Halloween one year.

When my husband and I got married in June of 1999, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace had just been released. So, on our honeymoon, we ventured out to one evening to go see that steaming pile. 

Then we obligatorily saw each subsequent movie going forward: Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Well, last summer, we decided it was time for our children to be welcomed into George Lucas’ galaxy. Of course, we had to watch them “chronologically” from Phantom to Jedi because we know our youngest child and trying to explain it to her would probably make her head explode.

Now my kids love Star Wars. And I’m so happy about that. Truly.

Until I ask them who is their favorite character.

 Xers, I’m sure you know before I even utter the syllables:

Jar Jar Binks.

Jar Jar Binks?! Jar Jar stinkin’ Binks???

And my precious kindergartner? She does an awesome Yoda impression. But in the next breath, she does an awesome Jar Jar impression. And by “awesome,” I mean spot-on awful; skin crawling, like his big, stupid, floppy ears and duck face are in the room with me.


My Generation X heart breaks. I have failed as a parent. I have no Star Wars cred whatsoever.

The look on Luke's face perfectly encapsulates how I feel about this:

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Jeff Day said...

I'm not completely surprised by their choice of Jar-Jar. George Lucas is no dummy. He knew his fans would show these films to their offspring and he knew they would love a character like Jar-Jar.