14 May 2014

Kindergarten is awesome...

This was way too good not to share and yet way too many characters for any social media outlets.

Today I volunteered in Kindergarten again for the second time this week. We're painting handprints on the shirts they will wear for the field trip to Upland Hills Farm next week.

It. Was. Amazing.

First little anecdote:

The kids are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. So they watched a little video. The teacher had a picture of a butterfly up on the Smart Board afterward and would point to a part on the insect. The kids would then call out what body part she was pointing to.

Ms. F: And what's this part called...

Class: (silence...)

Some random kid: The LORAX!!!!

Ms. F: Close...it's called the thorax.

Second little anecdote:

I had been helping a student paint her hand in the hallway for about ten minutes when my favorite little boy in the class was escorted back by the principal. The principal called the teacher into the hallway, instructed the boy to apologize and tell the lesson he learned.

Later, it was the boy's turn to paint his hand with me.

B: Mrs. Hlavin, have you ever been to the principal's office?

Me: No...I haven't. But Karis's dad was in the principal's office a lot when he was in school.

B: Did he learn to make good choices after that?

Me: (trying not to laugh) Yes...he did.

B: Well, that's good because it would be kind of weird if as a grown up he got sent to his boss's office.

Me: Yeah, especially since he's kind of the boss of where he works.

B: That would be even weirder if he got sent to his own office for not making good choices.

I highly recommend volunteering in Kindergarten if at all possible.

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