03 June 2014

Double Digits

Dear Kayla,

Today at 10:45 p.m., you will be a decade old. That shatters my mind a little bit, because I'm pretty sure when I close my eyes, you're this chubby-cheeked, little, blue eyed 4 year old with the big ringlet curls that made us call you Princess Genevieve. 

Then I open them. And there you stand, up to my shoulders. Long and lean. Soft and delicate. Beautiful but not knowing it. Not like a child, but a young lady.

This year, I have enjoyed watching you grow in several areas. First, you're learning that sometimes you have to work really hard for things. A few times those things have been school-related (you seemed to think that memorizing multiplication and division facts was a pointless endeavor - until you learned to add/subtract fractions this year. That was a rough stretch. But you made it through). And a few times those things have been social. You've navigated a few friendship bumps successfully! I am so proud of you for that.

You're also the nosiest person I've every met. Ha! It's fascinating! You could probably make a great private investigator someday. I am astonished at the details and nuances that you pick up from every conversation you've been a part of or eavesdropped on. (You're pretty proud of you eavesdropping skills). You're observant and intuitive. And sometimes, that's difficult for you because you only pick up parts of conversations out of context. You tend to mull over details you've filled in and it makes you worry and feel anxious.

But you're learning to navigate that as well. You're a lot like me when it comes to swallowing down your emotions. But you're also learning how to manage that - at a MUCH earlier age than I began learning (I still struggle with this.) I love your quirky sense of humor. It's a lot like mine...you'll find that not everyone gets or appreciates that type of humor, but those who do get it will be deeply endeared to you.

What thrills me the most is the terrific core group of friends you're cultivating relationships with at church. They are really good girls. Drama free. Fun. Jesus loving. I pray that these become lifelong friendships. Your dad has friends like these, and they were a huge part of keeping him walking with The Lord for the duration of his life.

These 10 years of your life have been an amazing journey filled with highs, lows and everything in between. I love you more than I did when you first came into the world wide-eyed with wonder. Never lose that sense of wonder.  

I love you more than you'll ever know. 



Martha McCarthy said...

A beautiful letter she will treasure forever! Happy Birthday Kayla!!! You have one special mom too!

Martha McCarthy said...

A beautiful letter she will treasure forever! Happy Birthday Kayla!!! You have one special mom too!