15 October 2014

Introverts: Unite! Separately. In your own houses.

I feel like the following conversation between Karis and me perfectly illustrates the primary difference between introverts and extroverts.

K: Mom, I saw you talking to M------'s mom at school today. Are you guys friends?

J: Well...not really.

K: You were talking to her. Do you not like her?

J: Yeah, I like her well enough but I wouldn't consider us friends.

K: But if you like someone enough to talk to them then you're friends.

J: Well, we're more of acquaintances.

K: What does that mean?!?!

J: We know each other by name and well enough to chit chat while waiting for you guys to get out of school.

K: So..."acquaintances" means you're friends.

J: Not really. We just know each other.

K: Mom. You're friends with her. You're friends with lots of people. I see you talk to people all the time.

J: So, you think I am friends with everyone I talk to?

K: (big exasperated sigh and eye roll) Well, yeah! Of course! 


There you have it. 

Extroverts love being friends with everyone. Introverts are a bit more stingy with their friendship.


sunnysideup said...

At work this week...
Boss: Are you a loner?
Me: No. Why do you ask?
Boss: You were quiet for a minute.

Lindsey Clair said...

LOL! Love this!